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- If your journal is empty and not (at least) a few months old, then don't bother commenting, I WILL CHECK.

I have been with LJ since 2002. But I would rather not link to the user name from this journal because of privacy issues I've had. If you'd like to know the name of the account, just PM me and I'll let you know. Feel free to send a PM to that account so you can confirm it's me.

- If you want to buy something please contact me somewhere on this journal.
- Try to post all the items you want in ONE comment, please.

- Feel free to make me an offer if a price is too high for you. I'm always willing to negotiate prices because I just want this stuff gone. I promise I won't bite. :B

- I'm going to allow trading very rarely for now, I may allow more in the future, depending on how it goes.
- Feel free to offer me a trade, but I may refuse it.
- Absolutely NO international trades. If you live in Canada and have a lot of good feedback, I'll consider doing a trade with you.

- I mostly take paypal only, USD. Once we have figured out cost I'll tell you where to send it.
- But if you really desperately want an item, I'll consider taking a money order or if the item is under $10 I MIGHT take concealed cash (depending on how long you've been with livejournal and if you have good feedback). I will ONLY take paypal for international orders.
- Payment MUST be received within 5 days of my giving you my paypal e-mail address (or home address if we've worked it out that way). If you don't, I'll assume that you don't want the item(s), your order will be canceled, and you may be reported as a deadbeat.

- Shipping will be calculated and is not included in the price.
- Prefer to ship to United States and Canada, but will ship internationally if you're willing to pay the shipping.
- I will only send item(s) out AFTER I receive payment.
- I cannot be held responsible for items that are lost or stolen in the mail (I've never had this problem but I've heard others have), so if you want tracking/insurance let me know, it will cost extra. No refunds if it's not my fault, sorry.
- Items will be sent out as soon as possible, if I have several orders at the time, I will send them out in a group (this might mean waiting for a person to pay).
- I have an electronic scale, so all shipping prices will be accurate! :D

- Please leave feedback for me after I have bought, sold, or traded an item with you.
- Other feedback can be found under my ebay account: xGacktCx.

By commenting and making an offer in this journal you are agreeing to the above rules.

I reserve the right to not sell an item to or trade an item with a buyer if I do not want to.



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